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Get rid of bathroom mold and the stress with us!

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Some things are easier to get, but difficult to get rid of like germs, pests or some sort of illness. But bathroom mold still tops the list.Yes, it is true. Bathroom mold is one such thing that your bathroom can suffer from and is very difficult when it comes to removing or getting rid of.

beneath plumbing fixtures, taps and walls and gets visible only when it has occupied enough space that we need ample amount of time to remove it. Plumber Toronto has come up with all the things that you need to know about bathroom mold, so that whenever this thing occurs to you, you better deal it with on your own instead of spending enough money in some plumbing store.

Bathroom mold is caused by excessive moisture, which is basically caused if there is no ventilation or you never use a wiper after taking a bath. Also, constant presence of wet towels, rugs, wallpaper or curtains is another major reason. If any of taps or pipes is leaking, be prepared to get ample mold beneath them.

As it is said prevention is always better than cure. So make sure to take care of all those things that cause it. But if you are late, you need to get some cure. Some of ways to remove the mold are:

  • Check all caulking within the bathroom and remove that section containing mold and replace it with new caulking.
  • Clean all the surfaces of mold with bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Keep windows open during mold removal to help dry out any excess moisture and to provide the bathroom with some fresh air.

But if any area contains large amount of mold, don’t handle it on your own, as disturbed mold can spread further. Call us now to get it done!

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