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Have you ever noticed that your basement gets a little wet everyday there’s a strong flow of water? And have you ever asked yourself why does that happen? The major reason of the pungent smell that comes out from the basement for which you get basement waterproofing is the water. Yes, you heard it right.

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Whenever there is a strong flow of water from city pipeline to your home, extra water goes to basement making it wet or flooding it and that’s how your basement with no ventilation gets all smelly and stinky. Getting a Sump Pump Installation is the best solution out of all these problems. When you have groundwater levels rising, a sump pump will come to the rescue to divert the water from your home, often directly to the municipal storm drains. Sump pumps help prevent basements from becoming flooded as they help pump out extra water from accumulating.

Plumber Toronto provides you with all kinds of pumps along with installation at extremely affordable costs. The best part about hiring us as your installation partners is that we quote the problem, the solution and estimate cost in the whole process before getting on to it, so there are no surprises in the end.

Sump Pump Installation Toronto

We provide you different pumps after checking the needs and requirements. There are different kinds of sump pumps depending on the size of pipes, basement and average speed at which you get the water supply. One type is a pedestal pump with a motor directly on top of the column, which is above the floor inside a basement.

Submersible sump pumps are another type of pump which is installed inside a hole in the floor of the basement. Submersible units can last for many years and run quietly.

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